Spending Approach

All kinds of approaches are welcome in Top War, from free-to-play, to whales spending thousands of dollars. Try to decide where on that continuum (between FTP and whale) you are upfront, and commit to it. Some of the casino-like aspects of the game can make it easy to spend far more than you intended, and the game is meant to be fun – not erasing bank accounts.

The best times to spend are when there is an active reward event for purchases, such as Power Drill or Blessing Clover. By timing your purchases to these, you’ll get greater rewards, and for big spenders potentially qualify for special (expensive) items like skins, march caps and golden units.

Rate of Fire
The most impactful spend will be on your High Rate of Fire component. As noted in the Components section, this has an enormous impact on PVP (and will also help you progress in Expedition). Buying component packs is a good way to do this, but the fastest way is to buy premium choice component chests when they become available. This is typically upon achieving certain levels (e.g. 35, 45, 55) and upon progressing further in the Expedition challenges. Choosing all Rate of Fire with these will give you a significant advantage. Note that these must be premium choice chests – the regular choice chests just let you select between component and CPNT.

Spending Efficiency
For those looking where to spend, some efficient purchases for consideration are as follows:
Permanent card ($20): Adds additional march. Comes available at a certain level (30?)
Monthly card ($15): Adds additional march, and daily goodies such as gems, 50 vitality, and others.
Weekly Card ($5): 5,000 gems weekly for $5. For comparison, 6,560 gems is $50 under the frequent 2x deal.
Growth Funds ($20): 14,000 gems once you achieve certain levels, for $20. Can be purchased later.

Also well worth it can be the 95% hero promote packs that appear with an hour timer from time to time, when leveling heroes. For $5, these contain 20 shards, an exclusive skill box, 30 purple experience books and gems. These are recommended particularly for prioritized heroes.

A next tier are deals that appear from time to time for 90% off, and these usually deliver good value – shards, component boxes, skills, and otherwise.

At the next tier of spending are the 80% off deals. The value packs for components and skills can be worthwhile, and you determine whether to spend $1 or go further up the chain ($5, $9, $20, and so on). You and your alliance get a small gift when purchasing these.

Generally, try not to spend more than $2 or 250 gems on orange shards, and close to $1 for a level 5 component box.

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