Component Tips

PVP Components

Components are critical to success in PVP and other battles. Certain components are most effective in PVP, and others against stationary targets like the world boss. Optimize these for the strongest performance, and use the multiple presets to swap between these.

The highest component level is 10. Components can be obtained through crafting the rewards from expedition, purchases in value packs and events, and other means. Merge them to increase level and impact.

Most Important Component: High-rate Fire (“ROF”) is the most important of the components, and can be focused on solely until it is level 10 (or two level 10’s). For this reason, always select ROF when you have a choice (crafting or certain chests), and component chests should be selected/purchased rather than CPNT chests. Importantly, ROF factors into which units fire first. If one side’s is higher, all their units fire first; if equal, they take turns.

The strongest components for PVP are High-rate Fire, Weapon Buff, Armor Buff, Damage Increase and Reduced Damage Taken (in that order).

World Boss / Stationary Components

The strongest components for world boss and other stationary targets are Weapon Buff, Damage Increase, Crit Buff, Crit Damage, and Hit.

Note that Weapon Buff and Damage Increase components are appear both here and above.

Other Notes

Dodge could be a useful component in PVP, but is rendered less useful by the prevalence of Rambo. Rambo makes the enemy unable to dodge. INV does not appear to be a useful component given its limited nature in reducing crit damage, and is not recommended.

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