Rework – Quick Reference Guide

Class Rework

Top War finally made 3 hero march available on the tree to mechanical masters!

Please finish any research that is in process BEFORE Wednesday morning (1/19) at 2am EST. With 3HM and added march size, mechanical masters will be able to compete with combat elites while providing additional value in building weakening faciltiies, potions, with other benefits such as gathering boosts.

We recommend that most become mechanical masters. The ones that choose Combat Elite would typically have main march size of 170+, 6+ full perks, a gold equipment, level 6 skills and 3 top tier 5* heroes in main march.

Key Rework Callouts

Changing Classes: Nameplates vs. Gears
There is no item exchange available if you are looking to switch from your current class, or if you accumulated some extra gears or nameplates. Use up all your class items on the profession you aren’t choosing, and then use a free ticket to swap to the other profession to advance further in the tree.

Tree Order
After doing the initial “Trainee Officer” tree that everyone will complete, you are presented with “Class Tree – Combat Elite” or “Mech” and “General Skill”. Finish working on Combat Elite or Mech first – some people spend RSS and speedups on General, and then are upset to learn they can’t advance as far in the specialized tree as they’d like.

Key Callout – Not Necessary to Complete Some Tiers
There are one or two tiers in the tree that are not necessary to fully complete before advancing. “Highest Alert” – a DEF Increase – is one of them. By carefully considering how much you want to complete this, and fully completing is not recommended, you may be able to get further down the tree than others.

Useful video resource/guide for rework. Recommend spending 7 minutes watching this before potentially making a mistake in your build:

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