Base Management and Strategy

Building/Unit Management

You will clear the first island through level 60, allowing more and more room for your growing base. You should plan to unlock an additional area at each level. After 60 you’ll be able to begin clearing the bottom island as well.

Number of Buildings: The most common early mistake is simply not building enough, particularly barracks. You want to have at least 10 gold mines at their maximum tech level, at which point gold production is maxed out. And then, if you have less than 20 barracks, you need more. You want to be able to churn out units so that you can (i) merge them to the next level and (ii) if you lose in PVP, you’ll have plenty to replace them.

Number of Units: If you look at top players (or are one yourself), you will see anywhere from 200-800 tanks in their base at any one time. 30-50 barracks or more will allow constant replenishment of units.

Training Units: When you train units, early to mid game, train only one at a time. This will allow you to merge and increase building tech level frequently. You’ll only increase to 2-3 at a time later (level 60-65?) when it takes longer to level up.

Managing Space: Doing so well will allow more room for unit production, and help reduce frustration in trying to merge and replace buildings when you level up your tech. Move trained units into separate squares, so that you have room to build more buildings.

Keep a maximum of units in the garage, hanger and dock, and you can unlock additional slots with gems if desired. It is not possible to build a large navy and field a second navy march until you receive a second dock, but do your best to fill the ocean with your navy so you don’t find yourself unable to field a march after a merge.

Lower Island: Once you start clearing the lower island, you can move down non-military buildings such as the arsenal, expedition base, dimensional mine, and war hall, as well as decor items. This will allow further expansion of your many barracks and unit count.

Base Buildings: Know what each of your buildings do, so you’re not missing out on bonuses or minigames that help you level and obtain resources, components and more. The arsenal, for example, is where you load components and importantly level up unit suppression. Focus on navy to army suppression for mid game, as air force will not be heavily used.

Decor Items

Standard decor items offer helpful bonuses to gold production, march speed, and others. High level decor items can be game changing.

Merging: Each decor item has a maximum number that can be placed. The first piece of advice is not to merge decor items until you reach that maximum. Three level 1 benches will be more impactful than one level 2 bench, for example. Once you reach 5 benches however, the 6th will no longer have any impact.

This is particularly important to keep in mind with purple tiles. They increase unit training speed and you can place up to 100, which would take some time to accumulate. Keep them as level 1 until your base is a pretty purple. Note that purple tiles and freeway can still have decor or units on them.

Buffs: You can track the total buffs you are benefiting from by clicking on your picture, and clicking on stats.

The most helpful standard decor items: Lucky fountains increase gold production, gift boxes significantly increase training speed, and benches increase marching speed.

High Level Decor: You receive small bonuses from the items received from basic and great decor chests, though cumulatively they are helpful. Fancy decor chests (with a low probability), events and expensive purchases can deliver much more helpful items.

Some examples of these are:
Golden Tank – which greatly benefits one of your army stacks in battle.
Commander Statue – Chance to immediately complete tank training – 5% at level 1, 6% at level 2, 7% at level 3
Tank Monument – Increase army training speed by 25% at level 1, 30% at level 2, 35% at level 3
Slide – Increase maximum vitality by 6 at level 1, 10 at level 2, 14 at level 3
Rocking horse – Increase ATK vs. world boss by 20%
Scenic flowers: Increase gathering speed by 2% at level 1, 4% at level 2, 6% at level 3
Rocking horse: Increase attack vs. World Boss by 20% at level 1, 24% at level 2, 28% at level 3
Sandbag: Increase defense when being attacked by 2% at level 1, 2.5% at level 2, 3% at level 3
These items can be leveled by obtaining multiples, but as above there are typically diminishing returns.

The full list of decor items can be viewed in the Shopping Center (building with chest icon), under Index. Some of these will have to do with past events which cannot be obtained in chests, but may be available in the future. You can also see how many items you’ve placed by clicking on them in the Index.

Free Decor Items (Gift Codes): There are a number of gift codes still active that will get you free decor bonuses from past events, as well as gems, vit and other items. To use them, click on your avatar picture, click Settings, and then Gift code. Try these (case sensitive):

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